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The "Who'll Be a Witness?" Seminar


Our purpose is to clear a path to the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ by eliminating common objections that serve as roadblocks to faith.

Class Objectives:

  1. To examine our hearts and set apart Christ as Lord.
  2. To understand what we believe and why we believe it.
  3. To be prepared with well-reasoned Biblical answers.
  4. To communicate our faith in a confident, yet gracious manner.


Class Date and Times:

See our Speaking Calendar for scheduled events. Or Contact Us to request a speaker at your church, small group, or other event.



Conviction Without Compromise,
by Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes
(recommended reading only).
Click here to purchase online.


Course Outline

The Inspired Word of God

P   = Predictive Prophecy
S   = Statistical Probability
A   = Archaeology
L   = Light of Christ
M  = Manuscripts

The Doctrine of God

A  = Attributes
C  = Creator
T  = Triune
S  = Spirit

The Deity of Christ

W = "Who do you say that I AM?"
I   = I AM
S  = Signs and Wonders
E  = Eternality

Virgin Birth

= Seed of a woman
E  = Equality with God
N  = Natures of Jesus
T  = Tempted but without sin


L  = Lamb of God

I   = Impact of Sin

F  = Faith

E  = Eternal Life


R  = Roman Death through Crucifixion
E  = Empty Tomb
A  = Appearances
L  = Life Changing Experiences


S   = Sin
AL = Alones (by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, in Christ Alone)
T   = Trust

Applied Christianity

P  = Power of Questions

R  = Resurrection (The "Minimal Facts" Approach)

A  = Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Y  = Your Living Witness

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