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The Holy Spirit, the New Believer, and Christian Apologetics

by Pastor Jim Berry

While the term, Christian Apologetics may sound like an apology for Christianity, that is not the case.  Simply put, Christian Apologetics is sharing truths about the Christian Faith.  It is giving reasons for Faith, answering questions about Faith, and removing intellectual road blocks to Faith.  But what if you're a new Christian?   What if someone asks you a question that you can't answer?  Are you disqualified from practicing Christian Apologetics?  No!  You don't have to know all the answers.   No one does.   But, right now, you do know what God has done in your life.   And that is enough for you to get started in a very powerful way.

Early on in my pastoral ministry, some thirty-five years ago, the Lord drove this truth home to me in a most dramatic way.   There was a young woman in our congregation who was a new believer.   Her twelve year-old sister had also recently come to know the Lord.   She had begun attending a Child Evangelism class, and was growing in the Lord. But, shortly after asking Jesus to come into her life, she was killed in a crosswalk by a teenage driver who was showing off for some friends.

Needless to say the family was devastated.   I met them at the emergency room, and we were there for over an hour before being told that she had passed away.   During that time, the girl's father would not even acknowledge my presence.   He was literally going ballistic -- ranting, raving, and blaming God at every turn.

When it was time to make funeral arrangements, the older daughter told her Dad that the twelve year-old had become a Christian, and would want a Christian funeral.   He grudgingly gave his consent and allowed me to conduct it.   It was a glorious occasion.  The love and prayers of the members of our church -- all of whom were complete strangers to the Dad --surrounded the grieving family.  After the funeral, Dad came to me and said, "I know I won't feel like it this week, but next Sunday, would it be alright if I come to your church?"  Wow!  Guess what my answer was?  Well, come he did, along with his entire family.   At the invitation, he and his wife came forward eagerly, and gave their hearts to Jesus.   God, the Holy spirit had done His work!

On returning to work the following day, the change was so obvious that some co-workers asked him what had happened.  "Last week you were in a rage, and today you're whistling and smiling as though nothing had ever happened."  Are you ready for his response?   "I don't really understand it all yet.   All I know is that yesterday, I met Jesus and now everything is alright!   If you'll come to church with me next Sunday they can explain it."  Hallelujah!  This testimony is stronger today than ever, as God continues to work in their lives.   If you're a new Christian don't wait!   Tell someone what happened to you, and see what God will do.


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